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Leadership Coaching and Educational Consulting Services


Leadership Coaching

Online one on one life coaching

As Christians, we are called to lead in every sphere of influence. Leadership coaching at Fixed Crowns provides innovative learning tools that offer a holistic approach  to  understanding one's belief and value systems, behaviors, and relationship patterns with God, self, and others.  Steps to growth and development as a leader begin with knowing God, knowing self, and knowing others. As we straighten our crowns, we discover a joy-filled path to leading others in the midst of any challenge.


Self-directed leadership coaching provides freedom of space and time to ponder and apply new and fresh perspectives to leading self and others towards well-being. 


When leadership necessitates individualized attention, one-on-one leadership coaching explores core building blocks to effective leadership in a custom tailored one-on-one format. Gain tools to leadership success that will set you on a path to effectively leading others in every sphere of influence. 


Educational Consulting


Christian educational institutions thrive when strategic plans foster academic, advancement, and operational aspects of school management. Thriving schools consist of talented educators and coaches, supported by operational professionals in human resources and finance, along with development and communication experts. Aligning effective leadership teams that offer oversight to the daily mission of educating students provides predictability and support for teachers, students, and their families. When school leaders face complex challenges, an educational consultant offers personalized, innovative, and timely solutions.


Fixed Crowns' consulting services include:

  • crisis leadership intervention

  • mission and vision exploration

  • strategic planning and strategic financial planning prioritization

  • talent and placement evaluations

  • organizational structure analysis

  • instructional effectiveness review

  • marketing inquiry

  • effective communication assessment

  • development scan



MonthlyLeadership Reading Group

Women learning in a group session

Great leaders never stop learning. A powerful story with developed characters, memorizing plot twists, and challenging themes provide opportunities for leaders to reflect on their own skills, temperament, and thinking by living vicariously through a character's failures and successes in moments of signifiant challenges. Historical fiction novels provide opportunities to mentally process and develop relational and situational awareness. Each month, a new novel, with study materials, will be offered along with an opportunity to join a discussion-based on-line group. Books will cover time periods across many landscapes as we explore the trials, adaptability, and resiliency of others in  their stories. 

Fixed Crowns' summer series will take you on a journey with three strong and resilient female protagonists. From Ellis Island in 1911 New York at the height of immigration, to life in the unforgiving Wild West in a 1940's Colorado town and onto the vast wilderness of Alaska during the turbulent  post-Vietnam era.

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