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Supportive Friendships

Supportive Friendships


Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Do you desire a biblical view on friendship? If so, how does it differ from a view in today’s culture? Are there principles to glean from both cultures? This series will provide insights and steps to be a great friend and to do so in the unique way that you are wired as we explore biblical interactions between different types of people and why they matter.

  • Product Delivery

    Once you register, you will receive your course materials by email. This is a self-paced course. Take your time, it is not a race. Growth takes place in incremental steps towards new mindsets.

  • Course Overview

    Part One: Define friendship and learn how to set positive and productive goals in the area of friendships.

    Part Two: Explore past and present friendships from a new perspective and discover friendships as gifts from a generous God. 

    Part Three: Uncover the surprising and unusual friendship of David and Jonathan and take a friendship type inventory to explore the hidden treasures in fostering these types of friendships.

    Part Four: Dig deeper into the divisive topic of gender and social biases in friendships.

    Part Five: Review of "among freinds" Coaching Tools 

  • Eligible Individual Coaching Sessions

    With the purchase of this course, one-on-one individual coaching sessions are available for $35 with the coach. These sessions allow you to explore and dive deeper into areas of growth uncovered in your self-directed coaching sessions.

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