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Leaders are Dreamers

Leaders are Dreamers


Awareness of your personal calling (dream) will come to life as we uncover the secrets of successful dreamers. Based on the biblical story of Israel's journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, I will serve as your dream coach as you face your comfort zones, border bullies, and wastelands. You were born for this. Let's go!

  • Product Delivery

    Once you register, you will receive your course materials by email.This is a self paced course. Take your time, it is not a race. Growth takes place in incremedial steps towards new mindsets.

  • Eligible Individual Coaching Sessions

    With the purchase of this course, one-on-one individual coaching sessions are available for $35 with the coach. These sessions allow you to explore and dive deeper into areas of growth uncovered in your self-directed coaching sessions.

  • Course Outline

    Does everyone have a God given dream that propels them to something bigger than an "ordinary" life? Meet "somebody" that lives in the land of "nobody" and discover what happens when you push through your comfort zones, border bullies, and swamp lands to a land flowing with milk and honey!

    Part One: What happened to my dream? An inventory of what matters most and how to get there.

    Part Two: overcoming the formidible obstacles of "comfort zones"

    Part Three: meet "border bulllies" and gain strength to enduror the hurdles that limits your progress

    Part Four: gain tools to address "discouragment in the swamp land" 

    Part Five: reaching the promise land of your dream—what comes next?


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