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Slowing Down

Slowing Down


The fast lane way of life is filled with heightened anxiety that drains our energy and hinders our relationship with God and others. This leadership coaching session provides insights and steps to pause, unwind, and breathe again.

  • Product Delivery

    Once you register, you will receive your course materials by email. This is a self-paced course. Take your time, it is not a race. Growth takes place in incremental steps towards new mindsets. 

  • Course Outline


    In this coaching series we will travel on a journey with Jesus, Mary, and Martha.

    Part One: Increase self-awareness as we discover our responses to distractions.

    Part Two: Chart out “worst case scenarios” to a current challenge.

    Part Three: Implement a calming reset and replace an unhealthy response to stress with a new healthy habit.

    Part Four: Utilize a Passion/Value Assessment to glean better understanding of our priorities and how we and others operate in any given situation.

    Part Five: Review of "in the slow lane" Coaching Tools

  • Eligible Individual Coaching Sessions

    With the purchase of this course, one-on-one individual coaching sessions are available for $35 with the coach. These sessions allow you to explore and dive deeper into areas of growth uncovered in your self-directed coaching sessions.

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